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Feel Good: Are You a Bionic Woman?

I had all the toys; the doll, her blow up house (that took all Christmas Morning to inflate), her bionic station, the outfits….EVERYTHING. I wanted to be the bionic woman. Yet, I was only a little girl that hadn’t experienced tough life occurrences. I only saw the end product. The bionic woman kicking butt and taking names. But who was Jamie Summers before her bionic prowess? How did she get through having a terrible sky diving accident that left her deaf in one ear and with out an arm. What were her days like from the time of her accident to waking up better…stronger…faster….the bionic woman?

She must have felt dispare, depressed, anger, and loneliness. We go through our own seasons of darkness and not knowing. However, what do we do in this “between time” can make us or break us. Yes, Jamie Summers was broken physically but she persevered mentally.

Turning turbulence into triumph is not easy but it become easier when we are positive and focused on being better, being stronger….being faster. Just this past week someone broke into my home and stolen my laptop amongst other family treasures. I was floored. Hey take the laptop but can I just back up my work. I have some important stuff on there man! I had to recreate everything. Not to mention I was laid off last December and have been freelancing while looking for another full-time on-air position to support my family. I have had enough drama! Now I’m not comparing a life-threatening accident to a break in and job loss. The similarity is taking a horrible situation and making it work for you not against you. Like Jamie, I had to move on from my situation and come out winning! So, I got back on the computer and started working on past projected and even brainstormed new ideas. No, I’m not thanking the people who broken in my home for a great brainstorming session or my past employer for cutting my position. However, I am thankful that in my time of anger and dispare I was able to recover and challenge my self to be better, stronger, faster. I’ve become my own bionic woman. So can you.

Can you image being bionic…A women on her “A game” all day everyday? During times when you are suppose to fall, you stand up and not only walk but run? Being bionic isn’t only a physical state but a mental state of mind. For us, it’s not about beating the bad guy. Its about beating…anger, depression, worry, fear and self-doubt. And winning at love, happiness, positivity, self control and life. Then beating the bad guy! (smile) Creating a bionic state of mind isn’t easy. You have work hard at it everyday. It isn’t a shield but an aura that lives within you everyday. Build on it and step into your world of unstoppable abundance! What won’t break you will make you. But we are bionic now….nothing breaks us!

So as I log on to You Tube lounging on my Select Comfort Sleep Number bed to watch Lindsey Wagner as the bionic woman. I can say Lindsey/Jamie finally after all these years….I’m rolling with ya!


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