January 2021 The Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes

This is our year! To go for broke, face every fear, do the work, find your purpose, walk by faith, live out loud, cry out loud, blaze your trail, take the risk, speak up often, build your legacy, wear your mask (keep it cute), ask for help, buy the dress, love yourself and become the best YOU! This is the year of YES! OWN it and RUN with it Sis!

I purchased YOS in 2016 and was just too busy...being busy. After the events of 2020 and burnout I need a reset. Each word, each chapter was the reality check I needed. Looking for a top of the year read? In the words of MJ...This Is It. You will love our January selection. Shonda Rhimes you are changing lives with “Year of YES.”